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سلام من دلارامم

سلام. من دلارامم  خوشحالم که به سایت من آمدی (اینجا دنیای منه (کارم دنیای منه تو این سایت میتونی نمونه کارهامو ببینی و بیشتر باهام آشنا بشی و مطمئن بشی که من همونی هستم بهش نیاز داری. ????

چطوری میخوام دلارام اهمال کاری نباشم؟

من اینجام که از دغدغه های شخصی و کاری خودم صحبت کنم و سعی کنم راهی براشون پیدا کنم و اگه چیزی به نظرم جالب و کاربردی امد برای شما هم به اشتراک بزارم یکی از مشکلاتی که من این روزها باهاش درگیرم اینکه بشدت درگیر اهمال کاری شدم و دارم سعی میکنم ازش رها…

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Alice On The Roof

I’m sorry, guys. I never meant to hurt you. Just to destroy everything you ever believed in. You don’t know how to do any of those. But existing is basically all I do! No, she’ll probably make me do it. Meh.

Finding Perfect Spot For Surfing

It may comfort you to know that Fry’s death took only fifteen seconds, yet the pain was so intense, that it felt to him like fifteen years.

Funny Conversation


 Hello, what would you like to drink?


 milky coffee


 How would you like it?


 with milk

Status Post

I am having good time with my friends at Starbucks, classic!

aside post format

A Story About Nothing

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Scrap Surf

You don’t know how to do any of those. It’s a T. It goes “tuh”. Okay, I like a challenge. Son, as your lawyer, I declare y’all are in a 12-piece bucket o’ trouble. But I done struck you a deal: Five hours of community service cleanin’ up that ol’ mess you caused. I feel like I was mauled by Jesus. Tell her you just want to talk. It has nothing to do with mating.