2021 – Current

Lead UI/UX Designer


• I am remotely in charge of leading the design team, which is the first time I have done this.

• It is an interesting experience to lead a team that is thirsty to learn and hear your experiences.

• In this company, we work on a large application and website in the field of child safety.

2020 – 2021

Game UI/UX Designer

Ela Game company

• I worked for an international company in Turkey that designed and built hyper-casual games. In this company, I worked on user interface design, user experience, and character and icon design for hyper-casual games.

• During this time 35 games of my designs were uploaded to the AppStore, which was a great experience for me.

2019 – 2020

Senior UI/UX Designer

Inpin company

• It was a real estate start-up company renting and selling homes with new and exciting ideas in the real estate industry. In this startup, we worked on the edge of technology I gained a lot of experience in this company in the field of technology and virtual reality (AR).

• In this company I redesigned the app. I designed the website and created a new user panel
•Web application interface design under modern design process with various tools My first experience to making PWA was in this company.

2018 – 2019

Senior UI/UX Designer

Irantalent company(talentcoach)

• I was the first person in this startup to join the team and my task was to make a new product from the beginning. I did all the steps of the user experience and user interface alone The startup was about transferring fresh graduates to work.

•Our personas were fresh graduates. We held several focus groups in person.

•We used Lean Canvas to find a better business model, and we also used the scrum method during the product design process, and we did the regular design in our sprints. 

2016 – 2018

UI/UX Designer

Sahabpardaz company

• One of my first jobs in UX was working at SAHABPARDAZ, and it was a really great opportunity because I   had the chance to work through the whole UX pipeline in different projects. So it was a really great opportunity to try all these different things, and also just to learn the craft of UX in a very deep way. I came in knowing some of the skills that I needed, but I actually learned quite a bit on the job, just from working and collaborating with other people. I learned the process along the way. The more websites or the more products that got shipped, the more I learned about the process and the more I started feeling more comfortable. It was really exciting to see a product finally launch that we’d been working on for so long. And it was also really rewarding to get feedback from users about what they thought of the product that I’d designed. 

•I designed 5 websites and 8 applications The company’s field of work was designing and producing applications and websites.

2015 – 2016

UI Designer

Avita DT company(Giti Gostar Rahbord)

•My first work experience as a user interface designer was formed in this company. I had the chance to work through the whole UI–all the way from doing research all the way to launching the product. And at that time, I was the only UI designer at the company, so I was also doing branding and marketing and iconography and basically everything you can think In this company, I designed 12 applications and 4 websites and faced many challenges.

•Studied a lot so that I could learn many concepts on my own and use them in my designs. 



Bachelor in professional faceplate

University of Applied Science


Technician in mask and make up

Soroush University


Diploma in graphic

Professional Technical School

Professional Skills



Adobe xd

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe indesign

Adobe After effect

Invison studio





Alireza Taghizade

senior mobile developer

Whenever someone asks me if I know any good freelance UX designers I always answer with Delaram. She’s a great designer with superior business understanding who always puts the user in the front seat and delivers bloody good work.
If you get a chance to work with Delaran, don’t miss it.

Mostafa rezvani

Frontend leader

delaram is one of the numerated designers who has very special method in her profession that seems awesome. she remarkably appreciates her work that caueses a unique out put.

Vahideh Ghanbari

Ui Ux Designer

Delaram is a great co-worker and a friend. I would’t be where i am without her support.